We have compiled frequently asked questions regarding the use of the LINK by mille website.

Q.I won a coupon with Scratch, but I don't know the coupon code.

The English that appears at the top of the screen is the code.

After tapping Copy Coupon Code at the bottom of the screen,

Please paste it in the notepad function and use it next time.

It is also recommended to take screenshots. If you do not know the coupon code at a later date, it will be difficult to check the coupon code due to the system, so it will be difficult to tell you.

Please note that the code cannot be reissued.

When the coupon code reaches the usage limit, it will be changed to a new code.

There may be a gap between the timing of the notice and the timing of the notice.

Q. I signed up for the newsletter, but I haven't received an email.

A.There are many cases where emails are sorted into junk mailboxes. If you cancel the spam mail (linkbymille@e-mail.jp), it will be in your inbox.

Email registration may not be successful.

After entering the address from the newsletter, scroll up a little and follow the indication "I'm not a robot" and finally press "Confirm".

When "Thank you for registering!" is displayed, registration is complete.

(You will not receive a registration completion email.)

Q.I'm worried about whether or not I will receive a chat reply.

A. Chat replies in order during business hours.

If it is crowded, there is a possibility that it will be the next day, but if the time has passed, we will contact you directly to your email address.

Q.I don't know how to register for shop pay

A.If you want to complete your order as quickly as possible, such as when the stock is low, we recommend registering for shoppay.

Download shop app

from this app

Go to account → wallet in order,

Card information, name, address, phone number, etc.

are all registered in the app.

After registration, https://linkbymille.com

Please add the product to your cart here

When you press the shoppay button, it will be linked without permission!

If you register here, the procedure will be completed in about 2 taps.

Q.From how many points can I use points?

A.Points can be used from 1 point.

Points are valid for half a year and can be used each time.

Q.When will my card be charged?

A.The billing will be confirmed at the timing when the shipping notification of the product arrives.

Billing will not be confirmed before shipping. Do not worry.

Q.I would like to know the size of the clothes.

A. Adult sizes are basically free size, and most of them are unisex sizes. When selling a smaller size item, we will write it in the description column.

Children's clothes are available from baby to junior sizes, and there are slight differences in sizes depending on the manufacturer. If you are still unsure after checking the measurements, please contact us via chat.

We will ask you about your child's age, height, and weight so that we can guide you appropriately.

Q.shoppay does not work well when making a payment

A.If you have troubles such as not being able to press shoppay, please check again that your address is correct. If it is really difficult, we also offer PayPal payment.

This yellow paypal payment is also a credit card payment.

Please take advantage of this.

Q.I would like to receive mail-order products at the store.

At the time of ordering, pick up at the store

Please select "Pick up in store" or contact us using the inquiry form.

store address


7-12 Babacho, Tsuruoka City, Yamagata Prefecture

I will follow up with more questions as they come up.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us!

Representative Mirai Ikeno