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* Reservation * LINK limited pre-sale 2 types Nostalgia Pinocchio acrylic key chain Scheduled to be shipped from the end of September to mid-October

- Points

*This is a LINKBYMILLE limited pre-sale product! In order to ensure that all those who wish to purchase this item have the stock in stock, the pre-sale has come true after discussions with the manufacturer! ^

The pinocchio version of the ever-popular acrylic key is now available! We also recommend pairing it with a pouch with a carabiner.

Material Acrylic resin Vertical and horizontal within 8 cm

* For pre-order sales, we will work with the manufacturer to ensure that we can secure the quantity for your order. The delivery time varies depending on the product, but if you purchase multiple items in the same cart, they will be shipped as soon as they are all ready.

*Payment may be made in advance depending on the payment method.

*In the unlikely event that the delivery date is later than expected, we will always notify you individually by phone or email. I would be happy if you could make a reservation with confidence ^ ^

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