"Regular flight of apparel" will start!

I've been thinking about a plan to challenge the regular delivery of clothes and miscellaneous goods, which has never been possible before!

Full-scale application starts from June!

We are planning a great value set that will please everyone, mainly items that can only be purchased on regular flights.

Mainly set contents are 3 points (sometimes 2 points depending on the amount)

2 of the 3 items will be announced on our Instagram, and we plan to deliver the remaining 1 item for your enjoyment.

You can enjoy up to 40% off compared to regular price shopping.

Since it is already sold in a great set, points and coupons cannot be used. (You can use the coupon if you pay with the cart together with regular products, but the discount rate does not include the amount for regular flights.)

Also, for those who have been subscribing continuously for about half a year to a year, we are thinking about creating an original logo for each rank and sending gifts and discounts for each rank!

It will be a new start,

More fun and excitement! I'm going to make a fun sub-Sook that I can deliver!

In addition, procedures such as cancellation and skipping are easy and you can use it with peace of mind.

(It is not possible to cancel from the first to the second time, but you can set it freely after the third time.)

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us!

First, aim for 100 people!

All the staff will do their best!